I spent 300$ on Playlist Push so you don’t have to – or do you? How to use playlistpush

I ran 2 campaigns with Playlist Push and had mixed results. Here’s how to set up a campaign and get the most of it, plus my UNFILTERED OPINION about the service.

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Playlistpush is a service that connects artists with Spotify Playlist Curators or TikTok Influencers. You basically pay for Playlist Push to send your song to curators. By paying, you don’t get a guarantee that your song will get added to any playlists or that you will receive any streams.

These are first of all good signs, indicating that the service does not use bots or fake streams to synthetically boost your streaming numbers. On the other hand, it is not guaranteed, that you will get any placements, which is a little bummer considering the hefty 300$ minimum price you need to pay to get submitted.

In my 2 campaigns I did with Playlistpush, I’ve had mixed results. My song Never Be has been added to 9 playlists and still is featured in 2 of them after almost 6 months.

Never BE: https://open.spotify.com/track/6oNWHDFyMhRdYiiSwx2sEs?si=7-JDN3kQQfec3F8zQRSyVA

In my most recent campaign for my single Brainwashed, we were added to 8 playlists by 5 curators, but the overall streaming results are a little disappointing. In this video I will show you, how to set up a campaign on playlistpush and what you can expect from them.

Brainwashed: https://open.spotify.com/album/6KLAm369YxW9x0y64Ei3VY?si=v7zWP6XaS06keq4BmGWCRQ

I have a few ideas on how the service could be improved, as well as points I like about it. Hope this is helpful to you. I do not recommend you to use any service without watching a few reviews or making up your own mind.

My recommendation: If you have a bigger budget to market your song, you might try this, it might prove helpful to you, especially if your song ends up in Spotify’s algorithmic playlists. (After 1 months, Brainwashed has started gaining streams from Spotify’s Discover weekly. In the first week of being in Discover weekly’s, it gained around 300-400 streams through this algorithmic placement) If you only have a limited budget, try using other promotional methods than Playlist Push. Everything said here and in this video is my personal opinion, feel free to ask questions or spark a conversation in the comments.

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