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Nick was always a very musical child. He would always drum around on pans and pots, often times annoying his parents a lot. That’s why they bought him a Drum-set. With 7 years, he started to learn the drums and was the youngest player in his music school.

In 6th grade, he started his first band with friends from school. It wasn’t until a two years older friend called him up to join their band, that he started to take music seriously. The group called Moonclub played many shows and sparked the interest in Nick, to become a musician after finishing school.

Yogioh card Nick Jacobs the powerful rhythm dragon

After Moonclub split up, he still wanted to continue to make original music. Which was hard to do just playing the drums…

That’s when he picked up his mom’s old guitar and practiced day and night. Fast forward, Nick is playing shows internationally with renowned artists from all over the world. He is currently writing and recording songs in his loft in Munich, Germany.

In 2015, he met Emmi King, who was learning drums in the same drum school in near Munich. Nick and Emmi recorded her first Demo Songs, which would end up to become her first EP Tell The Truth And Run.

After spending time working at a recording Studio in Torquay, England, Nick met Richard “Digby” Smith (Worked with Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and Paul McCartney), who mentored him to learn the basics of music recording and mixing.

In 2018, Emmi was touring Germany as support for American Surf Rocker Donavon Frankenreiter and chose Nick as her Lead Guitarist and Backing Singer.

Nick Jacobs most recent release is his first Single Dreamers of Dreams.

Nick Jacobs live in Berlin
Nick Jacobs in Berlin

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Young Nick with his first band Moonclub!

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